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"Great fun place to have a full body work out! Definitely will leave sore and exhausted every class! Instructors are wonderful at explaining everything. I started coming to classes a few weeks ago, never once taking a kickboxing class before and all the instructors are awesome at explaining the combos, so you don't feel discouraged. Would highly recommend to everyone to come take classes! The first 15 mins will kill you but it only gets easier after that."
-- Skylar


"The vibe!! Honestly I have never had a dull moment in class even when I’m struggling!! Instructors are sooooo cool and pump you up regardless of your level. Working out is difficult but I look forward to kickboxing!!"

-- Michelle


“Highly recommend! I’m 2 months in and I go anywhere from 5 - 6 times a week and love every minute of it. You will, too! Instructors are amazing and so are the people. You will get a great workout for 60 minutes and really build your endurance and stamina. Plus, lose some weight while you’re at it."

-- Judy


“This is a great place to workout and have fun while doing it. All the instructors here are very knowledgeable and truly care about each person that walks through the doors. You won’t regret joining ILKB."

-- David


"Great price, great instructors, and the whole crew is very friendly. Would suggest this place for someone who has never tried kickboxing before because of the type of work out they run through. You can go at your own pace, build strength and set your own schedule. I love it.

-- Danny


"Love love love this place!! Always feeling good after the workout!! The trainers are awesome and everyone is super friendly! I’m always feeling motivated and looking forward to another class! You will be getting a full body workout and it’s fun at the same time!"

-- Suny


'ILKB has been the best. It is a great workout that targets everything. I use to dread working out but I look forward to going every day. The instructors are great, and they are alway"

-- Adriana

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